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Wide spread from livelihood subproject of garden improvement in Gia Lai

   We arrived Ia Rmok early morning, which is 12 km from the center of Phu Tuc Town, Krong Pa district to the southeast, only 9 o'clock the sun was blazing, it seemed to burn everything. This land was inherently infertile yet has become revitalized, blooming since poverty Central Highlands poverty reduction project in Gia Lai province brought new vitality. Arriving Nong Siu village (Ia Rmok commune - Krong Pa district), Ms. Nei Hmuh was glad to welcome us and our story begun.

   Ms. Hmuk, leader of garden improvement group in Nong Siu village said: "In my village, there are 190 households of which 75 are poor and 23 are near-poor households, our livelihood mainly is wheat and rice planting, earning is unstable, often happens hunger in between-crop period, so poorness and difficulties remain clinging on, here people still have smug feeling and no activeness in escaping from poverty. For outdated practices in free breeding, garden works to improve nutrition in meals cannot be done because pigs, goats, often break out. When knowing of Poverty Reduction Project supporting on livelihood means, seed supply, technical manual on planting and breeding to escape poverty, people in the village are excited. Hopefully, the project will help us improve the meal for families.

   Talking to Mss. Juon, one of 10 households joining the garden improvement group, when we met, she could not contain the joy, she said: "My family has two young children, one is 10 years old and the other is 3eat. While the family relies on 3 rods of rice which are not enough to provide food for the whole family in the year, several rods of cassava which bring low productivity due to poor soil quality, needy life is with us all year round, my family has still struggled, it’s sad to see my two children whom are scrawny, and sickly. We were thinking what cattle and plant should be raised to improve meals for the children, the project came and my family is entitled to the Project’s support, so i enrolled immediately".

   Like "the drought looks forward to the rain", the project has just initiated but with the guidance of dedicated project staff, the passion of CFs and the enthusiastic participation of local people, after the days of longing, now LEG of garden improvement at Nong Siu village has succeeded. Gardens of the households have planted enough of fresh and green vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, bean, ... we felt as lost in a picture of countryside which have full taste of home, as in the poem of Mr. Hoang Trung Thong: "Everything could be done with our own hands,  Rock could turn into rice with manpower". Besides, flocks of chickens of the households in LEG are well developing and provide the first “golden” eggs. Mss. Juon took us to the chicken coop and said: "My family and also the households in the group are supported by the projects to make chicken coop, chicken races and thorough technical training on chicken breeding, so we are confident to take care of the cattle, the chickens stay healthy and lay more eggs, there have only been 2 months but now we had 5 chicken nests which are about to hatch."

   Now the households in LEG are so excited, because before their meals had only shoots and chili salt, but now there are fresh nutrients from the garden and from the chicken flocks which are raised and taken care of by their own hands, moreover they have had extra income to improve the lives through increasing in chicken number in the future. Importantly, many women joined LEG has had better understanding of the purpose and significance of the project, they are no more dependent but change the way of thinking, utilize the soil conditions to farming, livestock, production development, income improvement for the family.

        The garden improvement and chicken breeding sub-projects in Ia Rmok in particular, and in Central Highlands Poverty Reduction Project in Gia Lai in general initially have had very positive results, created pervasion in the community, and they are bright examples for neighboring households in the project area to learn. The belief of the people in the project give us extra motivation, hopefully the determination of project staff and especially the enthusiastic guides of CFs will make the land of Gia Lai every day brightened.

Khoi Ha Vo – Consultant of capacity building - Communications

Central Highlands Poverty Reduction Project in Gia Lai.

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