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Brighten up the dream in Gia Lai

   Gia Lai is one of 06 provinces supported by Central Highlands Poverty Reduction Project. The project’s objective is "to improve living standards through livelihood opportunities enhancement in poor communes in the project area".

     Sustainable livelihoods development is one of four components of the project. In this component, the livelihood activities will be supported by the project through livelihood enhancement groups (LEGs). In 2015’s plan, Central Highlands Poverty Reduction Project in Gia Lai has supported the establishment of 69 LEGs in the district of Mang Yang, Kong Chro, Krong Pa, Ia Pa and Kbang. LEGs with the support of all levels in the project have setup and proposed 69 livelihood subproject of crop fields and livestock.

     So far, all subprojects of LEGs have been approved to support and implementing. 5 livelihoods modes proposed by LEGs through the subprojects are: (i) gardens improvement, (ii) hybrid rice production, (iii) hybrid corn production, (iv) cattle breeding and (v) cane production.

     Participating in these subprojects, beneficiary households, especially minority ethnic households will be instructed on how to do business, supported to approach science, new techniques, by those it helps people to change the way of thinking. Before going into production, LEGs are consulted by project officials to organize technical training courses, invite experienced trainers to guide people under the method of "hands-on" so that the group members could see, understand, and master the job and apply in production, cultivation, breeding, ...

     Regarding the types of livelihood in Gia Lai, since such a long time, buffalo has always played an important role for farmers, now the cows of Central Highlands Poverty Reduction Project are becoming "big assest" for many households, especially the poor, and ethnic minority households in the remote localities of the province. Through subprojects set up and proposed by LEGs, the Project has assisted reproductive bred cows for poor households, which does not only help people to have jobs but also change the way they think, sustainably overcome poverty in red basaltic land.

     By 13 subprojects of hybrid cow-calf breeding supported, 130 poor households being members of LEG received herd bulls, technical training, experience sharing among team members, consultation on management and organizations of the group, together monitor good breeding, develop capital ... from that bringing new vitality to the households here. Poor households have found joy and confidence to escape poverty thanks to hybrid breeding cows supported by the project.

     Share about the joy and confidence in the group's activities, Mr. Dinh Iram - Leader of LEG of hybrid breeding cow in Krong Hra village (Kong Yang commune - Kong Chro district) said: "Here the lives of the poor have yet had difficulties, livelihood mainly is corn and wheat planting, so everything relies on rice and corn, but the rice and corn planting do not have irrigation works but depend on the rain, and mild climate, they yield good crops, otherwise the drought causes no harvest. Regarding livestock, the poor households are short of capital to buy breeding, so there is no opportunity to accumulate wealth and so on hunger, poverty have always surrounded the lives of villagers. Now the project supports to purchase breeding cows, develop cattle-breeding, it is the dream which seemed never to come to the poor people like us."

     Mr. Bam - Leader of LEG of hybrid breeding cow in Dak O village (Kon Chieng commune - Mang Yang district) could not hide his emotion, said: "Be supported with hybrid breeding cows, I and other households in the group have nothing else to say but sincere thanks to the leaders, branches and localities, especially the CDB, PPMU, DPMU, CPO and World Bank who have cared and helped us, we commit to take a good care of the cattle, from that, the households have job, and steady income for life."

     For members of LEG of hybrid breeding cattle, under the project’s provision, the cows give birth to calves, they continue to raise mother cows to give birth to other calves. The calves must be raised at least 2 years before being sold. Mr. Mai Van Luyen - Deputy Director of PPMU of Mang Yang district, said: "To do that, CDB, and CFs should always be present in the group, give guidance and help to people on care, disease prevention methods. By that, after several years it increases in the number of the cows, helps poor households to have incomes, improve household economy and reduce sustainably poverty".

     During implementation of subprojects, LEGs of hybrid breeding cows are often supported and guided by the district and commune’s fundamental and specialization departments, so that people could correctly apply techniques, focus on growing grass to feed cattle and other nutrients for the breeding cows to stay healthy and provide even reproduction.

     Along with the livelihood subprojects of hybrid breeding cows, 7 livelihoods subprojects of corn planting have been implemented by 7 LEGs, the corn field is growing green, which brings promises of a rich harvest for the farmers. Besides, LEGs of gardens improvement, rice planting are rushing to deploy as land preparation, vegetables seedling and chicken race purchase, …

     Later, the remaining livelihoods subprojects will be supported. This really is a great opportunity to strengthen the confidence of the poor in the remote area.

                                                                           Khoi Vo Ha Consultant of Capacity Building - Communications, PPMU of Gia Lai

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